Determining Your Classroom’s Why

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Teaching. It’s the cornerstone of our society and how we ensure future generations reach their potential. As vital as teaching is, if you can’t convey your vision for your students to their parents, you begin at a disadvantage. The best way to ensure you can communicate your vision is to have a clearly designed “why?”

Picture the day you decided you wanted to become a teacher; what was your motivation? Was it seeing the look on a child’s face when they finally grasped a topic they struggled with? Was it the drive to impact a child’s life, helping them create a prosperous future where they could achieve all of their dreams? Maybe you have so much love to give that you want to positively impact as many hearts and lives as possible?

What Is Your “Why?”

Your “why?” is what drives you to be your best. It’s the force that motivates you to teach and take educational risks that help your students achieve their full potential. Knowing why you chose to become an educator will get you through the long days and sleepless nights. It will encourage you not to give up when you feel overwhelmed and bring you a sense of pride when you see your students succeed.

Where Can Your “Why?” Lead You?

With your “why” in front of you, picture everything it can help you accomplish. You can be the teacher that changes the course of a student’s life; it could be your influence that paves the way for them to live up to their full potential. You have the power to influence thousands of young lives, shaping them into the men and women who are the future of our country. Look deep inside yourself and see the strength, resilience, and determination that will spur parents to trust and respect you and help you earn the opportunity and honor to teach their children.

We believe that becoming a teacher is similar to the entrepreneurial experience. Although you work for a school board, your classroom is like a business, and you are responsible for running every aspect of it. We want to show you the value of being a leader in the classroom, and in your teaching “business” with the Phillips Academy.

We understand the challenges you face as you navigate the ever-changing world of education. However, we know that with the right tools you can set yourself up for success, and ensure you’re prepared for the road ahead. The Phillips Academy is a micro-school company that assists teachers with opening their own classrooms so that they can provide their students with a unique value proposition for their education.

Having a solid understanding of your “why” will guide you as you shape young minds for the future. It will allow you to express your vision for each student clearly, so that they, together with their parents, can embrace their potential. With the Phillips Academy, you can have the confidence necessary to be a leader in the classroom and embrace your role as a force for good in an ever-changing world!

Click on the link to learn more about becoming a Phillips Academy Coach. It’s an amazing opportunity to do meaningful work and join us on our mission to inspire imaginations!